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Designer Braces Make it Easy to Love Your Smile

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Parents, kids, and orthodontists LOVE WildSmiles! Why? WildSmiles offers patients a unique way to be in control of their orthodontic experience. When patients are excited about their treatment, they are more willing to put in the effort braces require, such as brushing, flossing, and avoiding certain foods. With so many fun shapes to mix or match, WildSmiles gives patients the freedom to find the joy of a beautiful, healthy smile in the making.

Which Style Will You Choose?

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The Signature collection offers children and teens a variety of shapes to enhance their smile, including:

  • Super-Star
  • Flower-Power
  • Baller
  • Wild-Hearts
  • Footballer
  • Super-Diamond
Disney collection Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, TX

When we think of Disney, we can’t help but smile! Disney is a popular fixture in many children’s lives, so what better way to let them feel good about their braces than to have Mickey Mouse supporting their smile!

In addition to Mickey mouse brackets, WildSmiles also offers Disney elastics named after popular moves such as Frozen and Finding Nemo.

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Promote Better Brushing with WildSmiles!

WildSmiles brackets are designed so that normal plaque accumulation will rest on the pad instead of on the tooth’s surface. This helps protect the enamel from plaque and tartar buildup and encourages better brushing by making sure the WildSmiles bracket shapes are always visible. Ask you or your child, “Can you see the shape?” If you can see the shape of the brackets, you’re brushing thoroughly! This visual reference is a great way for kids and parents to measure brushing habits and promote excellent oral hygiene throughout the braces journey.

How Do I Get WildSmiles Braces?

Starting orthodontic treatment with WildSmiles braces is as easy as 1-2-3!


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Use our Create Your Smile feature to design your cool new smile!


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Let our team know what style you choose.


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