What Is an AcceleDent Device?

Improving your smile before your wedding day, graduation ceremony, or another important life event will enhance your self-esteem and increase your confidence. At Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, TX, we can use an AcceleDent device to decrease the amount of time that you spend wearing metal braces or using other orthodontic treatments.

What Is an AcceleDent Device?

AcceleDent is a specialized device that can be used to decrease the amount of time that you spend wearing braces by about 50%. During your treatment plan, you will wear this comfortable device in your mouth. Once the acceledent device is in position, it will use SoftPulse Technology to send tiny vibrations into your mouth.

These movements are called micropulses. Receiving these micropulses will remodel the bones around your teeth. These changes will help your braces or Invisalign treatments quickly shift the position of your teeth. Instead of spending a long period of time improving your bite problems, crowded teeth, and other orthodontic issues, you will be able to quickly achieve a straighter, healthier smile.

How Will I Begin the Process of Using This Device?

You’ll begin your orthodontic treatment by receiving a detailed examination at our office. During this examination, we will review your medical history and carefully assess the condition of your teeth and mouth.

Since certain medications can alter your response to this device and decrease the movements of your teeth, you should tell us about all of the supplements and medications that you are currently using. After we have discussed your health and examined your teeth, we will let you know if you are eligible to use this device to speed up your orthodontic treatment.

How Will I Use This Device?

Using this device is a very simple, straightforward process.

Beginning Your Treatment

You will start by using your hands to put the device into your mouth and turning on the activator. After you bite down on your mouthpiece, you will be able to release the device. Since you will not need to hold your mouthpiece in position with your hands, you’ll be able to do chores, write emails, or perform other tasks during your treatment session.

Completing Your Treatment Sessions

We will instruct you to use this device for 20 minutes every day. Once your treatment is complete, the device will stop vibrating. To quickly improve your teeth, you will need to remember to complete your daily sessions. If you forget to regularly use your device, your treatment plan will be less effective.

Charging Your Device

You will need to regularly charge your device. If your device is running low on energy, its LED light will turn orange. When this occurs, you will need to plug it into a charger on your wall.

Is This Device Safe?

Clinical trials have shown that this treatment is a very safe, effective way to improve your teeth. That said, you should not share your device with a friend or family member. In addition, you will need to refrain from using this device while you are sleeping. Further, you cannot purchase this device on your own. Instead, you will need to use this treatment under the supervision of a trained orthodontist.

Will My Treatments Be Comfortable?

You might feel a bit nervous or apprehensive when you begin using this device to accelerate your orthodontic treatment. Fortunately, there’s no need to feel worried when you use this method to speed up your improvements. The SoftPulse Technology that this device uses to shift your teeth is very safe and gentle. In fact, this device will use less pressure than you apply when you brush your teeth with an electric toothbrush.

How Can I Clean My Device?

It’s important to keep your device in good condition by regularly washing your mouthpiece. You will need to clean your device with water after each of your treatment sessions. Under some circumstances, we may advise you to use toothpaste, soap, or other cleaning products to scrub your mouthpiece. Further, you should dry off your mouthpiece before you put it into your travel case. If your activator becomes dirty, you can use a soft cloth to clean it.

Do I Have To Use Braces or Invisalign During This Treatment?

Although this device is very good at shortening your treatment plan, it cannot shift your teeth into better positions by itself. To achieve positive changes in your teeth, you will need to use this treatment in connection with Invisalign, metal braces, or other orthodontic techniques.

When you have your first consultation at our office, we will give you more details about our range of braces and other teeth-straightening methods. We will work together to design an orthodontic treatment plan that will provide you with a beautiful smile.

Receiving Braces

In the past, orthodontists sometimes provided metal braces that were very visible and uncomfortable. Fortunately, braces have become much more comfortable and discreet during the past several years. These cost-effective, gentle options are a very good way to quickly correct a wide variety of orthodontic issues.

If you are interested in using a discreet method to improve your smile, we may recommend using ceramic braces to straighten your teeth. Since we can provide you with transparent brackets, these braces will be very unobtrusive. In addition, we can give you specialized braces that will match the natural shade of your teeth. We can give you information about these options and other types of braces during our initial meeting.

Receiving Invisalign

If you don’t want to receive metal braces, you should consider improving your smile with Invisalign. During this treatment, we will make several sets of customized aligners for you. As you wear these plastic aligners over your teeth, your teeth will become straighter, and your other orthodontic issues will gradually improve. You will usually switch to a new set of aligners every two weeks.

While you are wearing your aligners, you will probably need to visit our office once every one to two months. During your visits, we will make sure that you are having a good response to your treatment and make adjustments to your aligners. In general, you will need to wear your Invisalign aligners for about six to 15 months. When we start this process, we will let you know how AcceleDent will affect the length of your total treatment plan.

Will I Achieve Faster Results if I Increase the Length of My Treatment Sessions?

If you are very interested in seeing improvements in your orthodontic issues, you may believe that you can achieve quicker results by wearing your device for longer amounts of time. However, scientific studies have established that extending your sessions for over 20 minutes will not improve your results. Accordingly, you should not wear your device for longer than the recommended treatment time.

How Much Pressure Should I Use When I’m Wearing My Mouthpiece?

You should use enough pressure to keep your mouthpiece in position without holding it with your hands. You should not grind your teeth or put unnecessary pressure on this device during your treatment sessions. This unnecessary pressure could cause your device to become worn.

Can I Use This Device if I Already Have Aligners or Braces?

If you have already been wearing metal braces or using aligners for a long time, you may be very excited to complete your treatment and enjoy your new smile. Under some circumstances, you might be able to begin using this device during the middle of your orthodontic treatment. For example, you might be able to start your daily sessions after you have been wearing braces for several months.

If you are almost ready to remove your braces or stop using your aligners, we may advise you to complete this treatment without AcceleDent. For example, you might be unable to use this device if you are going to remove your braces in two to three months.

Can I Use This Device When I Am Traveling?

To achieve the quickest changes in your teeth, you will need to regularly use this device. If you skip your daily treatment sessions while you are traveling, you will probably need to spend a longer period of time wearing your braces or aligners. Fortunately, you will be able to continue using this device while you are traveling.

This device is very small and portable, and you will have no issue transporting your mouthpiece and activator during vacations, work events, or other trips. If you are traveling by air, you will need to make sure that you follow your airline’s rules about battery storage. It’s a good idea to review these rules before you begin packing your luggage.

Improve Your Smile

You don’t need to spend a long time straightening your teeth, closing up gaps in your smile, or addressing other orthodontic issues. We can use AcceleDent to shorten your orthodontic treatment and achieve quick improvements in your smile. To learn more about the benefits of using this innovative device during your treatment plan, you should contact us at Ragan Orthodontics in Dallas, TX to schedule an initial appointment.

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